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Wiltshire College

Wiltshire College is a tertiary college of education located across the county of Wiltshire.


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Wiltshire College

Wiltshire College is a tertiary college of education located across the county of Wiltshire. It has over 10,000 students on enrollment and was most recently ranked 'Satisfactory' by Ofsted.







SN15 2NY
Tel: 01249 466800

Background and history

The college was formed by a merger of the region's colleges: merger of Chippenham Technical College, Lackham College, Trowbridge College and Salisbury College.The college maintains links with several Higher Education institutions, including Bath University, Bath Spa University, Bournemouth University and the Royal Agricultural College among others.

Location and accessibility 

Due to the relatively wide spread of its campuses, the college provides detailed transport assistance on its website, The four major campuses are all served by bus services in and around the area.

What's on offer? 

The college has a wide array of courses and subject areas to pick from, offering qualifications ranging from Foundation to Degree level. It has partnerships with several universities in the South-West, as well as specific work-based facilities for students studying on apprenticeship schemes. This includes a fully-functioning 400-acre farm at the Lackham campus.


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Union Satisfaction


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Average UCAS points

< 120

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1st Class degree

Courses and Fees

The college offers an extensive range of courses, covering A/AS-levels, apprenticeships, BTECs and full honours degrees. There are 19 traditional A-level courses: Art and Design, Biology, Business Studies, Chemistry, English Language, English Literature, Fashion and Textiles, Geography, Geology, History, Law, Mathematics, Media Studies, Music, Photography, Politics, Physics, Psychology, Sociology. As well as a list of vocational subject areas that include: Agriculture, Animal Care, Bricklaying, Carpentry, Electrical, Fashion, Media, Performing Arts, Sport and many, many more. The college provides assistance for full- and part-time HE students, as well as bursary information for students in full-time education. 


Sport & Fitness There are sports halls at the Chippenham and Lackham campuses that are able to accommodate a variety of sports, while students can make use of the free use of the gym facilities found on each campus also.




Aspire Beauty is a salon located on the Salisbury campus that offers a range of health and beauty treatments. All the services are provided by training students under supervision of professionals.




Arc Theatre is a local independent theatre situated in Trowbridge that is used by the performing arts students of the college to stage their productions. It also hosts regular shows throughout the year that are open to the public.




Lackham Farm is a 688-hectare working educational farm that contains historic buildings, a museum and a animal park within its borders. It offers work experience opportunities for the students of the college, as well as operating as a commercial entity open to the public.Additionally, the college offers student accommodation, laundry facilities and has a dedicated learning resource centre located on each main campus.

Did You Know?

6,000 part-time students, 3,300 full-time students, 800 honours students, and 90% student satisfaction.

Did you know?Lackham Campus is a full-dedicated agricultural college that includes the nearby training farm, Lackham Farm, as an integral part of its courses.

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