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Highbury College, Portsmouth

Highbury College is a further education college in Portsmouth on the south coast.


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Highbury College, Portsmouth

Highbury CollegeHighbury College is a further education college in Portsmouth on the south coast. It currently spans five different sites: Highbury Campus, Highbury City of Portsmouth Centre, Highbury Northarbour Centre, Highbury Arundel Centre and Highbury Apex Centre. Student success rates make it the best general further education college in the South East. The college has undergone a major redevelopment of accommodation and facilities in recent years and recently completed a £56.4m building programme across the City of Portsmouth, culminating in the opening of the new Highbury Campus by HRH The Princess Royal, in October 2009.



Tudor Crescent
T: 023 9238 3131


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Highbury College coursesHighbury College courses

The college provides vocational and academic education and training, from first-step courses to university level foundation degrees, A Levels, specialised services for business and education in the community.



Here are a few examples of what is on offer: 

  • BTEC Level 3 Diploma in IT (Web)
  • Level 3 Diploma in Fashion and Clothing, Foundation
  • Degree in Business Management,
  • BTEC/HNC Diploma in Computing and Systems Development. 


highbury collegeAt Highbury College Portsmouth you can make the most of great facilities and services. Their five centres in and around Portsmouth make learning available to all. The College's three libraries bring together a variety of resources to meet your learning needs. Two IT Flexi Centres are equipped with the latest technology for easy access. Your studies will be further enhanced by MyCourse, the College's virtual learning environment, which includes a live timetable, reading lists and online reference material.

The college also offers excellent leisure facilities. Food and drink outlets at all our Centres sell a choice of refreshments or you can dine in style at the restaurant 'Chimes'. There is also the Sports Centre which has a multi-function sports hall, aerobics studio and fitness suite. There are also two Hair and Beauty salons, run by students, which offer a range of treatments at affordable prices.