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Aberystwyth University logo

Aberystwyth University

The main university campus is set high on the Penglais Hill, from where there are spectacular views of Aberystwyth and Cardigan Bay.


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Aberystwyth University

Address and location

aberystwyth university campusThe main university campus is set high on the Penglais Hill, from where there are spectacular views of Aberystwyth and Cardigan Bay. Apart from being the home of thousands of students this is also the location of the National Library of Wales, recently proclaimed as the finest facility of its kind.

Aberystwyth University
Old College
King Street
SY23 2AX
T: +44 (0) 1970 622270


Background and history

The University College Wales first opened its doors in 1872. Some years later the college became a founder member of the University of Wales. One of the significant moments in Aberystwyth's history came during the 1960s, with the relocation to the Penglais campus. Since then the institution has continued to expand, in some part thanks to financial assistance from the Welsh Assembly Government.

Location and accessibility

By rail: Although Aberystwyth is tucked away in Eastern Wales, it does have good train links with the areas as far away as the Midlands. Students travelling from south England or Scotland should prepare for a very long trip.

By road: The Welsh road network is surprisingly good and it shouldn't take too long to reach Aberystwyth once you're on the A44 or A487. Aberystwyth university has made a commitment to offering outstanding services to students with mobility issues. Special arrangements can be made regarding note taking and exam scheduling, if so required. The friendly library staff are very happy to help with the use of specialist computing software and learning material access.

What’s on offer

BA, BSc, Foundation Degree, MscEcon, FdSc, MA, MPhil, PhD, Mphys, MBA, Law

Entry requirements

The university has set very reasonable minimum attainment levels for the majority of its courses. Most courses demand 180 to 340 UCAS points.



Overall Satisfaction


Union Satisfaction


League Summary


Go on to work / study


Employed after 6 months


Average Salary


Average fee


Uni Accommodation


Private Accommodation


Average UCAS points

< 120

Lowest UCAS points


1st Class degree


University Accommodation

aberystwyth university accommodationStudents have the option of staying in plush en suite accommodation or basic self catered residences. Costs vary from £56 per week for a basic bunk room to £110 per week for a single room in fully catered halls. 


Private Accommodation

aberystwyth university private accommodation


The student housing office has a list of approved student landlords. The cost of renting a room in their private lettings may range from £55 to £90 per week.


Courses and Fees

Faculties and departments

aberystwyth university campus

Department of Art

Museum & Gallery Studies with Art History, Fine Art, Art History 

Institute of Biological, Environmental and Rural Sciences

Agriculture, Animal Science/Zoology, Biochemistry, Biology, Conservation/Countryside Management, Environmental Biosciences & Ecology, Equine Science, Genetics, Marine and Freshwater Biology, Microbiology 

Department of Computer Science

Computer Science, Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, Ubiquitous Computing, Computer Graphics Vision and Games, Internet Computing and Systems Administration, Business Information Technology, Open Source Computing, Software Engineering, Internet Engineering 

School of Education and Lifelong Learning

Education, Childhood Studies 

English and Creative Writing

English Literature, English Literature and Creative Writing, English and World Literatures, American Studies, Classical Studies 

Institute of Geography and Earth Sciences

Physical Geography, Human Geography, Geography, Environmental and Earth Science 

Department of History and Welsh History

European History, History, History and Economic and Social History, History and Media, History and Welsh History, Medieval and Early Modern History, Modern and Contemporary History, Politics and Modern History 

Department of Information Studies

Information and Library Studies, Information Management, Historical and Archival Studies, Business Information Management 

Department of International Politics

International Politics, International Politics and Strategic Studies, International Politics and International History, International Politics and Millitary History, International Politics and Intelligence Studies, International Politics and The Third World, Political Studies, European Studies 

Department of Law and Criminology

Law, Criminal Law, European Law, Business Law, Human Rights, Law with Languages, Econ Criminology, Econ Criminology with Applied Psychology, Law with Criminology 

School of Management and Business

Business and Management, Accounting and Finance, Economics, Marketing, Business Finance, Business Economics, Tourism Management 

Institute of Mathematics and Physics

Mathematics, Physics 

Department of Psychology


Department of Sport and exercise Science

Sport and exercise Science 

Department of Theatre Film and Television Studies

Drama and Theatre Studies, Film and Television Studies, Performance Studies, Sceneography and Theatre Design, Media and Communication Studies 

Department of Welsh

Welsh, Professional Welsh, Celtic Studies, Welsh and The Celtic Languages, Literature and History of Wales 

Academic strengths and research profile

The quality of courses in Accounting and Finance, Biological Sciences, Business & Management, Computer Science, English and Creative Writing, Environmental Sciences, Geography and History is very high. Research is of a 'world leading' and 'internationally excellent' standard in subjects such as Geography, Information Studies, History, Art and Mathematics. 

Tuition fees 2012–13

Undergraduate fees:

UK/EU: Fees have been set at a level of £9,000 for all students commencing their degree courses in the 2012 – 13 academic year. However, the charges may be different for students from the Channel Islands and Isle of Mann.

Overseas:Full Time Undergraduate programmes in the Arts and Social Sciences are priced at £9,500. For full-time science courses the fee is £10,500.

Post-graduate fees:

UK/EU: Prospective students are yet to find out the level of cost for postgraduate courses starting in 2012 – 2013. However, the expected expense is just under £4,000.

Overseas:For full-time taught courses in the Arts and Social Sciences the fee is £10,500. Research based Arts and Social Sciences and taught postgraduate science programmes are priced at £11,500. The research based postgraduate science course is priced at £12,500 and the MBA at £14,500. 

Grants, Bursaries and Financial Support:

Students who perform well in their exams may be eligible for an entrance scholarship of between £3,000 and £3,600. Those who achieve high standards and enrol on courses in Science, European Languages, Welsh and defined Welsh-medium schemes could be given an excellence bursary of £2,000. Residential and Sports bursaries are also available. 



Academic facilities

aberystwyth university libraryMore than 845,000 books and journals are stored within the university library. Students also have access to various computer rooms, all equipped with the latest equipment. Among the other learning facilities are a group of recently developed laboratories, natural field work areas, lecture rooms and support services. The latest texts can be purchased from the on-site bookshops and rarest manuscripts accessed in the National Library of Wales. 

Other on-site amenities

aberystwyth university gymStudents can take money out of the student union cash points. They may also partake in various sporting activities at the Penglais centre, which features a pool, gym and weights room. The Aberystwyth clubs and societies cater for a wide range of tastes. 

Medical and social care

Students are encouraged to register with a local GP upon arrival in Aberystwyth. Given the shortage of dentistry practices it is advisable to remain on the books of your home practice. All religions are embraced and there are a number of groups addressing matters of faith.

What’s on in the area

aberystwyth nightlifeYou may be forgiven for thinking that the consumption of alcoholic drinks is a favourite pastime in Aberystwyth. There are more than 50 fully licensed establishments, including the Pier Pressure nightclub and Cambrian cocktail lounge. The biggest event of the year is the May Ball, which has featured performances by stars such as Chesney Hawkes, Jools Holland and Feeder in recent years. When not enjoying evening entertainments students may be found at one of the local beaches or walking in the scenic local countryside.


Moving on

aberystwyth university graduation


All those undergraduates and postgraduates who aren't sure of what to do upon course completion are advised to visit the careers centre. The staff can help with the writing of targeted job applications and interview practice. It is also possible to take psychometric tests and take part in practical 'work taster' sessions. Job fairs are regularly held, giving students the chance to meet local recruiters.

Facts and Figures

aberystwyth university town

Undergraduates: 8,930

Postgraduates: 1,830

International students: 15%

Mature students: 34%

Part-time students: 2,905

Total students: 10,760

Male-to-female student ratio: 46:54

Student-to-staff ratio: 19.2:1

Overall completion rate: 86%

Percentage of students going straight into employment or further study: 89% 

Did you know?

* Aberystwyth is the oldest university institution in Wales.

* The number of Aberystwyth graduates who have gone on to become members of parliament is higher than all other universities apart from Oxbridge.

* Famous alumni include the animated film maker Jan Pinkava, and television presenter Alex Jones. 

Is Aberystwyth University the place for you?

* It could be the place to you if you are put off by the thought of studying at a big city university.

* Come to Aber if you have a love of the Welsh countryside.

* If you want to live beside the seaside but aren't sure about studying in Wales then why not try the University of Portsmouth or Plymouth?