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Norland College

Norland College in Bath, Somerset has an enviable reputation in early years education.


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Norland College

Norland_College_in_BathNorland College in Bath, Somerset has an enviable reputation in early years education. It has been running courses since 1892 and is recognised internationally as the best in its field. Norland trainees are employed world-wide as nannies, nursery nurses and in other positions in a variety of settings for childcare.





Norland College
York Place
London Road
Tel: 01225 90 40 40
Email: enquiries@norland.co.uk

Courses and Fees

Norland College Class picNorland College offer a unique undergraduate degree course:

BA (Hons) in Early Years Development and Learning (Norland). As part of this three year course, students study for the Norland Diploma which provides extensive practical training and experience. It is the Norland Diploma that distinguishes 'Norlanders' from other early years professionals and makes them highly sought after.


Foundation Degree in Early Years Development and Learning (Norland) Norland College also offers an e-learning for those practitioners already working in early years.

Fees For 2013 entry, tuition fees for students starting the BA (Hons) in Early Years Development and Learning (Norland) degree are £12,750 for academic year 2013/14


Marie_Clare_for_web_445_250_c1Norland College is housed in a Grade II listed Georgian Villa which was originally owned by the Duke of York. This historic building is fully equipped with all the most up to date facilities and resources to make it a functional and conducive learning environment, whilst retaining the building’s character. All college lecture rooms have interactive white boards allowing lecturing staff to incorporate a wide range of resources in their lectures including videos and web links.The college has laptops and PCs available for student use. Students can use the college wi-fi to access the internet, the college printers and the library catalog. The college has fiber optic broadband resulting in greater speed, capacity and security.

The Learning Resource Centre has extensive resources to ensure that students have everything they need for their study, including an extensive library with relevant journals and research papers. Students also have access to the University of Gloucestershire’s catalogue and databases and students are encouraged to use the ejournals and ebooks to support their research.

Conference room At the heart of the college which is used for lectures, conferences and other college events. It is where some of the college’s extensive archives are displayed, showing Norland’s rich history.

Norland College also has areas that are dedicated to the practical lectures and sessions that make up the Norland Diploma. These areas include an area set up with working examples of children’s nurseries and an offsite space with cooking facilities used for Food and Nutrition.

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