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Regent's University London

In April 2013, Regent's College in London became only the third private university in Britain after receiving official approval to change its name to Regent's University London.


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Regent's University London

Address and locationRegents University London

In April 2013, Regent's College in London became only the third private university in Britain after receiving official approval to change its name to Regent's University London. Based in Regent's Park, London, it is one of the two largest groups of buildings in the park, along with the London Zoo. 

Regent's University
Inner Circle
Regent's Park
United Kingdom
T: +44 (0)207 487 7700


Background and history

The first students arrived in 1985 when the, then Regents' college, acquired the former campus of the University of London's Bedford campus in Regent's Park. Regent's College gradually expanded and the European Business School London moved to the College campus in 1987. In July 2012 it was announced that Regent's College had been awarded taught degree-awarding powers, then in March 2013 the UK's Department for Business Innovation and Skills declared that Regent's College had met the criteria to become a university. 

Location and accessibility

Situated close to the Marylebone area of London and within walking distance of several London Underground stations, the university is very accessible.

Travel by underground: Exit Baker Street tube station, take the Marylebone Road exit and turn left. Walk past Madame Tussauds and take the next left onto York Gate, which continues onto York Bridge. Follow the road into Regent's Park and the main entrance to Regent's University will be on your left-hand side.

Travel by car: When arriving in central London, take the A501 (Marylebone Road) and turn into York Gate. Cross York Bridge and you will find Regent's College on your left-hand side. 

What's on offer

Today, Regent's College is a multi-disciplinary campus community of seven world renowned schools.

The private institution offers:

Foundation Degrees: Regent's University offers a BA (Hons) with Integrated Foundation Courses for those students whose academic qualifications do not allow direct entry to BA (Hons) level study

Undergraduate Degrees: a range of BA programmes and one BSc programme (Psychology).

Postgraduate Degrees: a range of MA programmes, MBA, MS Finance, Business related MSc programmes and Regent's also offers bespoke courses, tailor-made programmes to satisfy specific needs. 

Entry Requirements

There is a range of entry requirements declared by the university.

Typical offers include:

BSc Psychology:- 5 GCSE/IGCSE subjects or equivalent with grades A-C, including Maths and English- 2 A levels minimum grades C or above


University Accommodation

Regents University London

University housing is allocated to first term students on a first come first served basis, with priority given to students who are under 18 and to students with certain disabilities. For full information visit the link (above). 




Private accommodationRegents University London 

For those students who decide they would like to arrange their own off-campus accommodation, the Accommodation Office is there to advise on all aspects of housing.

Courses and Fees

Regents University LondonFaculties 

Regent's has seven well renowned schools of academia:

-European Business School, London

- Regent's Business School, London

- Regent's American College, London

- Webster Graduate School, London

- London School of Media, Film and Performance

- School of Psychotherapy and Counselling Psychology

- Internexus English Language School

These schools are found within two larger academic faculties:

- Faculty of Business and Management

- Faculty of Humanites, Arts and Social Sciences

Tuition Fees

Given the fact that courses at Regent's University are arranged through seven different schools, tuition fees are variable. However, this is a private institution and therefore the fees are likely to exceed standard UK institution costs.

Financial Support

Regent's offers financial support for exceptional individuals, find out more about eligibility at the website.


Academic Facilities

Regent's University LondonStudents have 24 hour access to the newly refitted IT centre, as well as other IT Labs around the campus. The recently refurbished, well-stocked, Tate Library is an impressive source for students to use. Students are able to access Bloomberg, Thomson Reuters and Datastream online resources in the business school computer rooms. When students require some respite, there are numerous catering facilities on campus, include the Regent's Refectory and other cafes, delis etc. 


Other on-site amenities 

Regent's University LondonRegent's College also gives host to a bookshop which sells a wide range of popular academic necessities, a prayer room for all faiths and a music room.  Sports facilities at the Regent's College campus include a A state of the art Fitness Centre, including gym, fitness studio, basketball, tennis and volleyball courts. Furthermore, the campus is located in Regent's Park - the hub of outdoor sporting activity in London. 



Social and Medical careRegent's University London 

The Regent's University Students' Union represents students from all schools within the institution. The university provides extensive support if needed for any reason, be it concerning disability or academia, visit the website.


What's on in the area 

Regent's University LondonRegent's park boasts an unbeatable location. The City of London is on your doorstep and many businesses of every kind are based in London. From watching sports to visiting museums and art galleries, every taste is catered for. Camden Market and London Zoo are just two of the attractions which can be found close to the campus. The West End's world-renowned theatres and clubs are only a short tube ride away. Plus, Regent's Park is within walking distance of Oxford Street and the lively Soho area. 


Moving On

Many graduates of the seven schools within Regent's university go on to successful careers in business and administration, among other things.

Facts and Figures

Regent's University London- Around 4,500 full-time students (the biggest undergraduate institution in the private sector)

- Undergraduate: Approx 3,000

- Postgraduate: Approx 1,000

- 217 academic staff

- student-faculty ratio of 14 to 1 

Did you know?

- No classes larger than 25 students, therefore most of the teaching is done in seminars or tutorials.

- The largest single group of students, 15 percent, comes from the UK, 10 percent come from the US. The rest come from a whole range of different regions of the world. 

Is Regent's University the place for you?

If the idea of studying in the heart of London in a focused, specialist private institution appeals to you then Regent's may be able to meet your desires. The dynamic, international and close-learning environment should be considered by prospective students.