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Regent's University London

In April 2013, London's Regent's College became Britain's third private university.


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Regent's University London

Address and Location

Regents University LondonIn April 2013, London's Regent's College became Britain's third private university. Based in Regent's Park, it forms one of the two largest groups of buildings in the area, alongside London Zoo. 

Regent's University
Inner Circle
Regent's Park
T: +44 (0)207 487 7700

Background and History

Regent's first students arrived in 1985, when Regents' College acquired the University of London's Bedford campus in Regent's Park. The college gradually expanded and the European Business School London moved to the site in 1987. In July 2012 the institution received the power to award its own degrees; full university status followed in 2013. 

Location and Accessibility

By Rail: Regent's is easily accessible from the London Tube network. Exit Baker Street station via Marylebone Road and turn left. Walk past Madame Tussaud's and take the next left into York Gate, continuing onto York Bridge. Follow the road into Regent's Park and the university entrance is on the left-hand side of the park.

By Road: On arriving in Central London, take the A501 (Marylebone Road), turning into York Gate. Cross York Bridge and the university is on the left-hand side of the road. 

What's on Offer

Regent's University offers a range of foundational, undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. 

Entry Requirements

Entry standards are high and vary between subjects. Specific course information can be found on the university website.


University Accommodation

Regents University LondonUniversity housing is allocated to first-year students on a first-come first-served basis, with priority given to students under 18 years and those with disabilities. 




Private Accommodation 

Regents University LondonSecond and third-year students have the option of looking for private accommodation off-campus. The university Accommodation Office offers help and support for househunters.

Courses and Fees

Academic Strengths and  Research Profile

Regents University London As a very young university, Regent's has yet to build an established academic reputation; the breadth of subjects on offer is impressive, however.





Tuition Fees

Regent's is a private university; in 2014 undergraduate courses cost more than £9,000 per year. Fees for international students and postgraduates vary.

Financial Support: A variety of scholarships and means-tested bursaries are available to undergraduates and postgraduates. Check the university website for more details.


Academic Facilities

Regent's University LondonStudents have 24-hour access to the university's newly-refitted IT centre, as well as other IT Labs around the campus. The university's recently refurbished Tate Library is impressive and well-stocked. Students are able to access Bloomberg, Thomson Reuters and Datastream online resources in the business school computer rooms. 



Other on-site Amenities 

Regent's University LondonOn-site facilities include the Regent's Refectory, other cafés and delis, and a bookshop selling academic titles. Sporty students are well-provided for; the college's state-of-the-art Fitness Centre features a gym, fitness studio and basketball, tennis and volleyball courts.




Social and Medical Care 

Regent's University LondonThe Regent's University Students' Union represents students from all schools within the institution. A number of other support systems are in place to help students and staff experiencing academic or personal problems.




What's on in the Area 

Regent's University LondonRegent's boasts an unbeatable location. London is on the university's doorstep, with all the world-class museums, galleries and shopping the capital has to offer. Camden Market and London Zoo are both within walking distance of the campus; the theatres of the West End are only a short Tube-ride away.




Moving On

Regent's provides a dedicated careers service, offering students advice and support when searching for work experience and postgraduate employment.

Did You Know?

Regent's University LondonClasses at the university never contain more than 25 students, thereby creating a highly-supportive study environment. The largest proportion of Regent's students - 15 per cent - come from the UK; 10 per cent come from the US and the rest from all over the world, making the university a diverse community for living and working in.



Is Regent's University the place for you?

If the idea of studying in the heart of London appeals, Regent's ticks all the boxes: teaching is of a high-standard and the student body is diverse and welcoming. Bear in mind that the university is a private one, however, and charges high sums for its degree courses.

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