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leeds college of building

Essential information

Address and Location

leeds college of buildingLeeds College of Building in Leeds, West Yorkshire, England is the only college in the UK which specialises in the construction industry. It was established in the 1960's and, due to high level of interest in construction in recent years, there are currently around 8,000 students in attendance.


Leeds College of Building,
North Street,
United Kingdom

Tel: 0113 222 6000


General information

The Leeds College of Building delivers a comprehensive range of courses related to construction and the built environment, across Leeds and Nationally. Including apprenticeships, further and higher education and business training.  The College is based at 6 sites across Leeds, each specialising in its own trade.
The College has received commendation on the high quality tuition, facilities and resources that the College provide and this is reflected in the success rates of our students. The college as a whole has Centre of Vocational Excellence status.

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