As the UK’s leading educational and career resource website, Getting-in offers students aged 14-24 help and advice during their academic journey. From GSCE, A level and university to higher and further education students, our website is accessed by more than 250,000 visitors a month.

Continuously evolving, it features comprehensive resources, over 34,000 courses and opportunities from 10,000-15,000 apprentice providers at any one time to help students make informed decisions about their future careers. Whether it’s apprenticeships, traineeships, career opportunities abroad or gap year and university options, our unique website is the number one go-to resource for school leavers.

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Why advertise with Getting-in?

With thousands of students utilising our exceptional facilities on a daily basis, advertising on ensures your organisation is seen by relevant school leavers throughout the UK.

From banner and skyscraper advertising in prominent, visible positions that maximise key sections of our website, to Branded Company Profiles and School Emailing campaigns, our wide and varied advertising options suit all budgets. Your very own dedicated account manager will ensure your advertising targets the school leaver audience and delivers great results.

Here’s just a snapshot of what we can offer you:

Branded Company Profile

Whether you’re an apprenticeship, traineeship or gap year provider or a company offering school leaver programmes, our tailor-made Branded Company Profile gives your vacancies maximum visibility to attract the thousands of school leavers and potential apprentices who utilise on a daily basis. Other benefits include your own dedicated account manager, unlimited listing opportunities and indexed listings searchable by keyword, start date, location and industry.

Featured Provider

Giving you excellent prominence on the website, our Featured Provider option ensures your brand and logo is displayed on key areas of the site for maximum visibility to school leavers.

Banner – 728 x 90px (maximum 30KB)

Positioned at the top of the website page, our Banner adverts are guaranteed to be seen by all visitors. They are perfect for promoting your exclusive offers or campaigns and driving student traffic to your website.

MPU – Mid-Page-Unit -300 x 250px (maximum 30KB)

Flexible and tailored to your exact specifications, our Mid-Page-Unit adverts are rectangular and can be positioned on the Homepage or embedded into a sidebar of a webpage of your choice.

Skyscraper – 160 x 600px (maximum 30KB)

Guaranteed to catch the eye of the visitor, our Skyscraper adverts are long and vertical and sit neatly at the side of the webpage of your choice.

Background Take Over

Utilising the entire background of the website, our Background Take Over ensures your company branding makes a real impact and drives maximum traffic to your listings.

School Emailing

Offering you a great direct marketing opportunity by targeting the teachers guiding today’s school leavers, our School Emailing campaigns provide direct email contact with the majority of UK schools and specific teachers. This ensures your information reaches the most appropriate and relevant contact. Other benefits include accurate data that is updated monthly and your own dedicated account manager.

Targeted E-newsletters

Allowing you to target all or the most relevant sections of our user base, our Targeted E-newsletters effectively promote your brand and message to your preferred target audience.

This is just a tiny taste of what we have to offer. To find out more about our extensive advertising opportunities, give our Marketing Team a call on 0845 548 8284 or email us at [email protected] to see how we can help you reach your preferred audience.

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