Today we wrap up our tips for turning the process of searching for a job online into a manageable and efficient task that’ll connect you with the great job you deserve.

Tip #4: Don’t use a jobsite at all!

So far our tips on searching for a job have all focused on using jobsites. But it’s a mistake to limit yourself to these, great though they are. This is because jobsites are not the only places out there that contain job vacancies. And for some types of job, jobsites are often not the best place to look at all.

There are two main alternatives to turning to jobsites when searching for a job: company sites and recruitment-consultancy sites. Let’s start by looking at the first of these. Although companies will often put their vacancies on jobsites, it’s also very likely put them on their own site. And since they’ll only be putting their vacancies on their site, the list of postings you’ll need to go through will be much smaller.

This means that if you know what sector you want to work in or what type of company you want to work for searching for a job can be a lot less time consuming if you go direct to the websites of companies. Draw up a list of the companies you want to or could work for–think about both the industry you want to work in and which companies operate in the town(s) where you are looking for a job–and then bookmark the job section of their sites after locating them.

Recruitment firms’ websites are another key source of job listings, especially when it comes to temporary jobs. And unlike jobsites not run by recruitment firms, they often also allow you to upload your CV and register with the company, who may then contact you when a vacancy comes up rather than you needing to apply for each and every job posting.

Tip #5: Get creative with your Googling

If you’re going to branch out from jobsites when searching for a job online, the one thing that you’ll need to do is develop good skills in googling to help you locate the best sites and postings. Just typing in the word “jobs” and the name of your “city” probably isn’t going to get you any further than rediscovering jobsites that you’ve used already. As we saw in our third tip, a good keyword strategy can work wonders when searching for a job, and you should develop one when it comes to using Google for this purpose as well. This means not only picking the right terms, but also searching for phrases (i.e., a combination of two or more words in a fixed order) that often appear in the adverts that are relevant to you. You can do this by putting quotation marks (“”) around the phrase.

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