If you’re in university or college, you’ve probably had at least one encounter with the all day and maybe even all night study session, whether this is in preparation for exams or in getting coursework finished on time. For most … … read more

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Speaking in public is not a comfortable or fun thing for most people. Many people in fact go to great lengths to avoid this activity that leaves them feeling nauseous, sweaty, panicky and just a right mess in general. But … … read more

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The UCAS deadline has come and gone, and hopefully you got your application in without too much trouble. Remember that even if you haven’t got one in yet, it’s still worth applying (sooner rather than later) as some programmes will … … read more

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In the last post, we gave you a few tips for getting through exams. In this post, we’ll give you a few more. Some of them will probably seem obvious, but putting them into practice can be harder said than … … read more

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With the holidays officially over, it’s time to stop stuffing our faces with leftovers and chocolate and get back down to business. For many of you, that probably means preparing for exams. There’s no way around it – this is … … read more

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As the holiday break approaches and you’re gearing up to spend time with friends and family and thinking of things to do over the holidays, the last thing you might want to think about is the future. Then again, if … … read more

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There are some subjects which, although very interesting and essential for helping us to understand the world, can’t be experimented and played around with outside of the classroom. So, for example, while you can study chemistry text books to your … … read more

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Perhaps you’ve finished your GCSEs, A levels or even university and have managed to get through your formal maths studies. You probably want to just move on and never look back. After all, who needs maths after secondary school? First … … read more

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One of the key skills you should think about whether you’re studying GCSEs, A levels or have started university is that of time management. This is something that a lot of job listings ask for in their skill requirements, and … … read more

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Whether you’re doing A levels, have just started university or have been there for a while already, you’ve may well have heard about plagiarism. But what is plagiarism? It involves copying someone else’s work or ideas and using them in … … read more

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