Clearing 2015 Explained

All you need to know about Clearing 2015

Now we’ve all heard about it and lots of people claim to know how it works, but the reality is that the majority of us don’t really understand what Clearing is and the process has consequently developed rather a strange reputation.

In the media it is often presented as some sort of manic game of university-destination roulette for those forlorn students whose A Level grades didn’t meet their offers, in which young people spend a couple of days frantically trying to talk their way onto a–or even any–university course.

Of course, things aren’t always the way they are portrayed in the media, and Clearing is one of them.

What is Clearing?

UCAS clearing is a student service that operates between mid-July and September every year. While Clearing is functional for roughly three-months every year, its activity is at its most chaotic in the days surrounding GCE A level results day – this year UCAS clearing 2015 will reach its peak on 15th August.

Results day is a time of mixed emotions across the UK and sees many different scenarios unfold. For those students who have got the grades they need, it is a time of celebration as they are able to log in to UCAS Track and accept their, recently-turned-unconditional, offer. Equally as joyous, there are students who have achieved better grades than they expected and thus have the option to apply to other universities with higher entry requirements (see our adjustment page for details)…

….And then there are those students whose grades were lower than their predicted grades and, as a result, have missed their firm and/or insurance offer. It is for these students, among other external groups, that UCAS clearing can help.

Clearing matches university places available from mid-August with students who do not have places at university as of 15th August, but would still like to find a place!

Who is it for?

It is a common misconception that Clearing is just for school and college students who didn’t meet their offers. In actual fact, Clearing is a route of entry in to universityfor:

– Those students who did not received any offers either from their original five choices or through UCAS Extra.

– Those students that have declined all of their offers or have not responded by the due date.

– Those students whose offers have not been confirmed because they have not met the conditions (e.g. you have not achieved the required grades).

– Students who have declined a changed course, a changed date of entry and/or changed point of entry offer.

– Students that applied for one course which has been declined or unsuccessful yet have paid the full application fee  (£23 for 2014).

– Prospective students that submit an application after 30 June. If UCAS receives applications after this date, they will not send it to any universities and colleges but you will be eligible to take part on clearing.

If you only made a single choice on your original application and only paid £12 to apply, you can pay a further £11 to add more university or college choices in Clearing. So this may be worth considering.

Are you eligible for Clearing 2015?

To avoid any confusion at this stage it is important to point out that in order to take part in Clearing 2015 you need to have submitted an application through UCAS for commencing university study in the 2015/2016 academic year.

If you are looking to participate and are unsure whether you will be able to or not, UCAS Track is the place to find out whether you will be eligible to enter UCAS clearing 2015 or not.

To do this, Log in to Track in the normal way with your personal details and if you are eligible, upon checking Track, you will see an ‘Add Clearing choice’ button appear on your Track ‘choices’ screen – which you can use to apply for a course through clearing.

You now have the option to add a clearing choice!
It is essential that you check Track because UCAS will not send you anything in the post to tell you whether you are eligible. If you are eligible, there is a process that needs to be followed in order to successfully apply for a place through Clearing. Read through our step by step guide section to find out more.

Your Application for Clearing 2015

Facts and Dates to remember

– Course vacancies in Clearing are published on the UCAS site from mid-August until the end of September.

– If you apply after 30 June you will automatically be entered into Clearing so you should not fill in any choices on your application.

– Should you find yourself delayed, you can still complete a clearing application up until 20th September.

– If your application is processed, you can send it to your Clearing choice up until UCAS finally shuts shop on 22 October.

30 June 2015: Final deadline for UCAS applications – any applications received after this date will be entered directly into clearing 2014.

3 July 2015: Final deadline for applications through UCAS Extra

18 July 2015: The cut-off date for your firm and insurance choice universities to make their decisions. If no decision has been reached, UCAS automatically declines your application on behalf of the universities.

25 July 2015: The absolute deadline by which students must have either accepted or declined the offers made to them by universities. If you choose not to respond, UCAS will automatically decline them for you.

6 August 2015: SQA (Scottish Qualifications Authority) publishes the Scottish Highers Exam Results – Scottish Clearing 2014 opens.

15 August 2015: A-level results day – Clearing 2015 opens.

20 September 2015: Deadline for making an application through Clearing for courses starting in 2015.

30 September 2015: The list of course vacancies in Clearing will no longer be available on the UCAS site.

22 October 2015: Clearing 2015 formally closes – From this date onwards, universities will no longer be able to consider applications through Clearing 2015.