Completing the Course Search

Step One:

Select the region(s) in which you would like to study.

You can select a region by clicking on the map to the left hand side of the screen. When you click on a region a black box will appear containing the name of the region, for example, ‘South East’. If you are sure this is the correct region, click on it again to submit the choice. You will see your selected region title appear in the drop down boxes on the right hand side of the screen. Multiple regions can be selected by clicking on ‘+ADD ANOTHER’, which is written in pink, directly beneath the drop down selection boxes. If you want to, you can then repeat the process with any other region you would like to select. Selected regions will remain highlighted in pink on the map. Alternatively, you can choose your preferred region(s) by using the drop down selection boxes.

Note: Students looking for a more specific search can select individual schools by entering the name of the Institution(s) in the box underneath the map labelled, ‘ANY INSTITUTION’. For users who do not mind where they study, it is possible to select ‘I don’t mind where I study’.

Step Two:

Enter the subject that you wish to study into the ‘What would you like to study?’ box. It is possible to search for more than one subject, but it is important that you enter and search for courses one subject at a time.

Note: In order to maximise your search results, it is important to be clear when entering in this information. For example, instead of entering ‘Maths’, you should write ‘Mathematics’. This ensures that the keyword is matched with as many results as possible.

Step Three:

Enter your achieved or predicted number of UCAS points.

Note: If you want to, you can leave this section blank. By leaving it blank you may receive more search results.

Step Four:

Using the tick boxes provided. Tick ‘FULL-TIME’ or ‘PART-TIME’, depending on how you wish to study.

Step Five:

Click on ‘FIND MY COURSE’ at the bottom of the page to complete your search.

Note: If you wish to start you search again, click ‘CLEAR SEARCH’ instead.

Search Results

Once you have completed the search and selected ‘Find my course’, you will be presented with all of the courses that match your requirements. From here, you can add as many courses as you wish to your request list by selecting ‘Add to Request list’, located as a hyperlink underneath the Course Name and Institution of each search result.

Note: Directly underneath ‘Add to Request List’, you can click on ‘View Course’. By clicking here it is possible to view further information regarding the course. This can help you make an informed decision, before you decide whether or not you want to add it to your request list.

Detailed Requests

To the right of the screen there is a box entitled ‘YOUR DETAILED REQUESTS’. This box lists and allows you to view the course(s) that you have added. You can remove a course if you wish by clicking on the ‘bin’ icon located to the left of the course name. To get this list sent to your email address, along with further details on the courses you have chosen, click ‘REQUEST DETAILS’.

Note: You can perform another course search, for example, searching a different area of study, without it affecting your detailed requests course list. This allows you to carry out a number of course searches and add a variety of courses to your request list without having to submit the request each time!