Sam Newall is the Managing Director of one of Scotland’s largest marquee hire companies, Central Events. The company was founded by Sam and has grown to be one of the most trusted, reliable and successful marquee brands. Before starting his own company, Sam continued his education at the University of Stirling studying for a BA in Business Studies and completing the course in 2012.


We caught up with Sam to ask him about his experience of running a business, further education and the transition from being a student to full time employment.


An Interview with Sam From Central Events



  1. You recently got married, congratulations! Did it come in handy to own a marquee company?


Sam: Definitely! It’s also great to try and test the service for myself. I’d recommend us again.


  1. What made you decide you wanted to study business at University?


Sam: I studied business at Stirling University because I felt it offered me the correct curriculum that would help me in later life and stimulate my interest. I’ve always had a passion for business which I acquired from my family, so I knew I wanted to study business fairly early on.


  1. How did you find the process of applying for University?


Sam: The process to apply for University is tough. There wasn’t a lot of information available when I went onto study and going from secondary school to further education is a big step. That’s why it’s great websites like Getting In offer helpful tips and advice for students to empower them during this transition.


  1. Did you enjoy University?


Sam: I really enjoyed the University life and made friends that I’m still in contact with today. Studying, learning and being able to put those theories and strategies into practice enhanced my thirst for business and gave me the confidence to build my business.


  1. So, you gained your degree from University, what made you decide to become a business owner?


Sam: Being a business owner isn’t for everyone; there’s an additional level of responsibility that comes with starting a business. However, I don’t shy away from difficult tasks or responsibility. I believe it comes down to the personality of the individual as to whether they want to become a business owner.


People always assume being a business owner means you can sit back and take it easy, whereas in reality, it’s the opposite. You have to work harder and manage more of the responsibilities. This is what drove me to starting my own business – I can take control of my own future. There were few companies offering marquee services with the quality standards I felt the industry required and I’m a hard-working individual, so knew I could make it a success. As a business owner, your earning potential is based on how hard you want to work, the standard of customer service you set and being able to grow your brand, so that’s why it appealed to me.


  1. What do you enjoy about being a business owner?


Sam:  I enjoy that everyday really is different. We work with businesses and individuals and get to support them in a variety of projects, which I have the opportunity to oversee. From a corporate marquee for a charity event through to a couple’s wedding day, we provide an array of marquees for hire and each event is tailored to the individual’s needs. As a business owner you’re constantly trying to reach perfection and ensure every customer is delighted with your service.


  1. If you had 5 tips for a person about to start, or currently in, further education what would they be?


Sam: Across my education and working life I’ve learned some valuable lessons and still use these today. My top 5 would be


  1. Focus on an objective: This can be very high level, but you should always have a plan in mind. Often the plan won’t work out or could be adapted and changed later on, but having a goal gives your mind something to strive towards and progress.
  2. Learn from mistakes: Everybody makes mistakes – it’s a natural part of life. The challenge is to not make the same mistake twice.
  3. Watch & listen: Some people I went to University with didn’t want to get a job, so continued to study to pro-long the inevitable. This isn’t always a bad idea as long as your listening to what’s going on around you. Opportunities and clarity can arrive at any time.
  4. Manage your time: In University you need to manage your time efficiently, especially if you’re working part time too. Being prepared is vital to success.
  5. Have fun: Life gets very busy the older you get, so whilst in further education try and have fun too. Study hard, but also make time for friends and enjoying the whole further education experience.


Thank you to Sam, Managing Director and owner of Central Events, for his insights into further education, employment and becoming a business owner.


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