Investigative and Practical Skills

Working Methodically and Safely

Working Methodically and Safely

safely, saftey When conducting experiments it’s very important that you work safely. When working in a laboratory, for example, there are a number of safety procedures that you should be aware of, including:

  • no eating or drinking
  • do not taste or directly smell a chemical
  • wash all glassware properly and wipe down any counters used
  • flush liquid chemicals and solutions away properly with large quantities of water
  • if you get any acid or base directly on your skin wash off immediately with plenty of water

Ethics are also very important. They should be considered at all stages: from planning to conducting and evaluating. You want to avoid causing any considerable harm to people or the environment. If animals are involved you need to take special precautions, especially as they’re not aware of the purpose of your study.

You should also work in a methodical manner. This refers to how you manage your time and the way in which you collect and record your data.

Once you’re collected your data you need to put it into a table. This makes it much easier to read. You’re expected to conform to particular rules which are specified in ‘Biological Nomenclature, Recommendations on Terms, Units and Symbols’ (3rd Edition, 2000).