Books I and II – Links to Other Texts

Books I and II – Links to Other Texts

You will probably be studying Paradise Lost as part of the Gothic unit in which case you need to compare it to any of your set texts, for example The White Devil, The Bloody Chamber or Macbeth. This will help you meet AO3 however below are some more texts you may wish to look at and include in your exam.

The Rime of the Ancient Mariner is a poem by Coleridge from the Romantic period that is also about a man who disrupts the natural order of things and does not respect God, moreover life and death come literally down to a game of chance, this links to the Chaos in Paradise Lost and the themes of disorder.

Frankenstein by Mary ShelleyThe scientist, Frankenstein, could be linked to Milton’s Satan in that his challenge to God and his hubris in attempting to create a creature, leads to his death and downfall. However we could also see him as tragic because his creation turned against him just as man turned against God.

Dante’s Inferno is about a man who traverses hell and it is also an epic poem. Therefore you could examine his portrayal of hell and the difference between having a human as the hero rather than looking at hell through Satan’s eyes.

Dr Faustus makes a pact with the devil in order to gain more knowledge just as Satan tempts with the promise of knowledge of good and evil in Paradise Lost. In both cases the consequences are dire. Dr Faustus’s quest for knowledge could also be linked to the rebel angels in hell in Book II who can find answers but no ultimate truth or power.