GREAT BRITAIN, 1783-1850

The Big Questions 2

The Big Questions 2

The Main Areas of Focus

The Great Reform Act

The main features of the passage of the Great Reform Act are:

The Great Reform Act - AS Level History* The shortcomings of the electoral system before 1830.

* The failure of previous attempts (such as that of Pitt) to reform the electoral system.

* The opposed stances of the Whigs and Tories on electoral reform.

* The key radical movements in favour of electoral reform.

* The attempts of the Earl Grey to pass the Great Reform Act, including the opposition of the King and the House of Lords.

* Popular unrest as a result of the initial rejection of the Bill.

* The changes made by the Act and the extent to which they satisfied the demands of opponents to the previous system.

Robert Peel and the Tories

In discussing the role of Robert Peel, you will need to consider:

Sir Robert Peel - AS Level History* His objectives in attempting to reform the Tory party and the Tamworth Manifesto of 1834.

* The moves made by Peel to rebuild the Tories as a political force.

* Peel’s views on the questions of electoral reform and Catholic emancipation.

* The outcome of the 1841 general election.

* The objectives and consequences of economic Reforms made by Peel’s government, especially with regard to income tax, the Bank Charter Act and the Joint Stock Companies Act.

* Peel’s response to the Chartist movement.

* Factory reform under the Peel government.

* The organization of opposition to the Corn Law.

* The supporters of the Corn Law.

* The causes of the Irish famine and the Peel Government’s response to it.

* The collapse of the Peel government following the repeal of the Corn Laws.

Example questions

How successful were Pitt the Younger’s economic reforms?

To what extent could the Tory governments of 1822 to 1830 be described as liberal?

How effectively did the government of Lord Liverpool handle the threat of radicalism?

To what extent did the Great Reform Act satisfy the aspirations of campaigners for electoral reform?

Why did the government of Robert Peel fall in 1846?

How successful were Robert Peel’s attempts to reform the Tories?

Recap: The Big Questions

* The successes and failures of William Pitt the Younger’s tenure as Prime Minister.

* Britain’s response to the French Revolution and radicalism.

* The successes and failures of the Tory Governments of 1822-1830.

* Reforms to the political system, and above all the Great Reform Act of 1832.

* Robert Peel’s reforms of the Tory party and the successes and failures of his time as Prime Minister between 1841 and 1846.

Key Information

Using our revision guide and your own notes, note down key information relating to the principal questions above, dividing it into the following areas:

The Government of Pitt the Younger

The Lord Liverpool Years

Tory Governments between 1822 and 1830

The Great Reform Act

Robert Peel and the Tories