Producing Written Texts



GCSE english languageIntroduction: This should set out the basic facts about the film that it is important for the reader to know. These include the title of the film, the director, the main actors, the genre, where it was produced and the rating.

Plot: Give a description of what happens in the film. Points to cover include:

  • Characters – describe the main characters and the part they play in the film. Are they convincing?
  • Setting – give details of place, time etc.
  • Plot – give a brief summary of the plot. Do not include everything that happens (in particular, do not reveal the ending. However, include details of the basic plot.

Quality of the film: Consider how it is put together. Aspects to consider include:

  • Writing – What did you think of the way the characters were presented, the dialogue and the description in the script? Was the plot interesting and credible, or was it boring and weak?
  • Evaluate the quality of the writing, including characterization, dialogue and description.
  • Direction – How has the director chosen to convey the story to the audience? Consider the way that characters and events have been portrayed. Was the pace right and did the film give enough detail about events? What special effects, if any, were used and were they effective?
  • Costumes and set – Did the background and costumes work effectively?
  • Sound effects – Were these effective? Did they enhance the scenes?


  • Give an opinion on the film. You should give reasons for this opinion based on what you have written in the rest of the review. Explain the reasons for your opinion and give examples. For example, if you did not think that a particular actor was very good or you did not think that a scene worked well, explain what you didn’t like.
  • Would you recommend the film or not? If so, explain why you would recommend it. If not, what was wrong with it?
  • Generally, your opinion will show through the tone of your writing. However, at the end of your review, you should reinforce it.