HomeostatsisIt’s important for humans to remove waste products from their bodies in order for their internal environment to stay basically the same via the process known as Homeostasis. In fact, it’s vital that the body keeps water and ion content, blood glucose and its temperature at near constant levels. If someone has a serious problem with their kidney, toxic substances can build up in their blood and cause them to die. However, they can be saved by using a dialysis machine or having a kidney transplant.

By the end of this section you should understand:

  • how to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of treating kidney failure by dialysis or kidney transplant
  • how to evaluate the different methods used today for treating diabetes


Removal of waste and water control

It’s important that waste products are continuously removed from the body. If they’re left they simply continue to build up and this has a negative effect on the body. Two major waste products formed by the body are:

  • Carbon dioxide: this is a waste product of respiration and is removed by the lungs when we breathe out.
  • Urea: this is produced when amino acids are broken down in the kidneys. It’s removed by the kidneys in urine which is stored in the bladder until urinated out.


Water and ion content

It’s very important that the body maintains the right water and ion balance. Water and ions enters our body when we eat and drink. Water is also produced when cell respire aerobically.

If there’s excess water or ions in the body then cells can be damaged because too much water is moving in and out of them.