Test yourself: Variation and Reproduction

Test yourself: Variation and Reproduction

Variation1. Dolly the sheep was the first ever clone.

a) What exactly is a clone?

b) Describe the process used to make Dolly.

2. Strawberries can make new strawberry plants by growing long stems which aim for the ground and develop roots when they reach it. This form of reproduction is called asexual reproduction.

Complete the sentences using the following words.

gametes / gene / parent / chromosome / clone

a) Only one _______________ is required for asexual reproduction.

b) This means that there’s no need for _______________

c) Each daughter plant is known as a _______________

3. Animals and plants can be cloned in a number of ways. Match the technique to the description.

tissue culture gametes fuse together

cuttings a host mother is required

sexual reproduction used to create new plants quickly and cheaply

embryo transplant requires small clusters of cells


a) A clone is an organism whose genetic information is exactly the same as that of the parent organism from which it was formed.

b) First of all an unfertilised sheep egg cell was extracted. The nucleus of his egg cell was then removed and disposed of. An udder cell from the sheep to be cloned was taken and the nucleus removed and put into the egg cell containing no nucleus. An electric shock was then used to get the cell to begin dividing. Once it had developed into an embryo it was implanted into the womb of another sheep in which it could grow and Dolly was born.

a) …parent…

b) …gametes

c) …clone

  1. tissue culture ? requires small clusters of cells

cuttings ? used to create plants quickly and cheaply

sexual reproduction ?gametes fuse together

embryo transplant ? a host mother is required