Test Yourself: Waste Materials

Test Yourself: Waste Materials

Waste Materials – Remember it!

  • Decomposers are made up of fungi and bacteria. They break down waste products like faeces and dead animal and plant matter.
  • The carbon cycle refers to how carbon is constantly moving between the atmosphere and plants and animals.
  • Green plants and algae remove carbon dioxide from the air for photosynthesis.
  • Animals release carbon dioxide through respiration.
  • Microorganisms and detritus feeders breakdown the carbon of dead plants and animals. They release carbon dioxide through respiration.
  • Recycling schemes are very important for cutting down greenhouse gases.


Test it!

1. Gardeners like to collect organic waste and dead plant matter and let it decay in order to produce compost.

a) What causes organic waste and dead plant matter to breakdown into compost?

b) Name one reason why decay happens faster in the warmer months of the year.

c) Name one gas which is released during the decaying process.

2. A compost heap was measured to see how quickly the materials decayed at two temperatures: 25