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Themes and Ideas

Themes and Ideas

english language

In GCSE English language, a good essay should explore the different aspects of a theme by exploring how that theme contains competing ideas.

To write a good essay, you should explore the different aspects of a theme by exploring the theme itself and its competing ideas. The conclusion of this text should describe the outcome of this competition or conflict.

For example, when looking at Romeo and Juliet, if you decide that the two main characters – Romeo and Juliet – contrast through the conflicts in their families, then you need to explain the outcome of that. Is Shakespeare ultimately saying that it is easier to resolve differences between families than it is to fix the tensions inside them? Or is he saying that age and youth are more deep rooted and harder to resolve than any conflict between competing adults?

A way to confront this debate is to ask why the text has been written, what purpose does it have? Chances are you have been studying a text with a political or social point. The amount that these feelings/points come through is the reason why people study their work.

You should try to bring your own views and feelings to your writing in order to add depth to your argument.