Comprehension 1 Answer Sheet

Comprehension 1 Answer Sheet

1) Indicate if the following statements are true or false by circling TRUE or FALSE.

Marc, Batrice and Jean are teenagers.


GCSE French - TennisBatrice enjoys swimming more than playing tennis or playing volleyball.


Batrice says that she has tried swimming but that her real passion is tennis.

Marc disagrees with Batrice’s ideas on sport and exercise.


Marc is in agreement with Batrice.

2) What does Marc usually have for breakfast?

Marc says that he drinks orange juice (“jus d’orange”) for breakfast every morning and likes to eat wholemeal bread (“pain aux crales”).

GCSE French - Romans de fiction3) What does Jean like to do?

Jean likes to read fiction novels (“romans de fiction”) and watch TV programmes (“missions de television”).

4) What is the French term for ‘heart disease’ that you can find in the text?

“maladies cardiaques”.

5) Which sport isn’t mentioned in the text?

c. Hockey