Comprehension 1 Answer Sheet

Comprehension 1 Answer Sheet

GCSE French - Classroom1) Indicate if the following statements are true or false by circling TRUE or FALSE.

Leah is learning Spanish at school.


Leah says she does not like the teachers at her school.


Leah says her teachers at school are kind (“gentils”)

Leah’s friend Caroline has red hair.


Leah’s friend Caroline has dark/black hair (“cheveux noirs”)

2) How does Leah describe her friend Mathieu?

Leah describes Mathieu as having blond hair and that he wears glasses. She also says that he is funny and likes to tell jokes. (“Mathieu est drle et aime raconter beaucoup de blagues. Il a les cheveux blonds et il porte des lunettes”).

GCSE French - Poupee3) Why is Leah annoyed with her younger sister?

Leah is annoyed with her sister because she takes her belongings without Leah’s permission. Leah describes how her sister took her doll the previous day and broke it. (“… elle continue prendre mes affaires sans me demander la permission. Hier, elle a pris ma poupe et elle l’a cass”).

4) What is the French word for ‘angry’ that you can find in the text?


5) What does Leah say Caroline is?

b. her neighbour