Comprehension 2 Answer Sheet

Comprehension 2 Answer Sheet

1) Indicate if the following statements are true or false by circling TRUE or FALSE.

Joanne doesn’t know what she’s looking for in her ideal partner.


Joanne indicates that she already knows what she’s looking for in an ideal partner.

GCSE French - VeniceJoanne says that she has previously been to Venice.


Joanne states that she would like her ideal partner to take her on a romantic holiday to a place likeVenice.

Joanne likes to listen to jazz music.


2) In what kind of house does Joanne imagine living in the future?

She indicates she would like to live in a small house in the countryside, with enough space to keep pets/animals and to have a large garden.

(“Je pense que nous vivrions dans une petite maison quelque part la campagne, o il y a de la place pour des animaux et un grand jardin.“)

GCSE French - jolis vetements3) What does Joanne expect her ideal partner to do in order to impress her?

She indicates that she expects her ideal partner to make an effort to get on with her family and friends, and to occasionally buy her pretty clothes. She also imagines going on holiday to a romantic location.

(“Je m’attendrais ce qu’il fasse un effort pour s’entendre avec ma famille et mes amis, et qu’il m’achte parfois de jolis vtements. Ensuite, je voudrais que nous visitions un lieu romantique, comme Venise.“)

4) What is the French word for ‘taste’ that you can identify in the text?


5) Joanne wants to have:

a. A large garden