Comprehension 3 Answer Sheet

Comprehension 3 Answer Sheet

1) Indicate if the following statements are true or false by circling TRUE or FALSE.

GCSE French - Global ConnectionsThe article points out that being able to communicate with friends and family across the globe is a positive outcome made possible by modern technology.


The article points out that modern technology has made our daily lives easier.


The article points out that thanks to modern technology, our daily lives have become simpler. (“Grce la technologie, beaucoup d’aspects de nos vies quotidiennes sont devenus plus simples.“)

The article cites mobile phones as an example of a modern form of dependence.


The article makes no reference to mobile phones. It does, however, discuss dependency on cars, computers and televisions.

2) What is Carl’s job?

Carl is the head of a large company

(“Carl est le patron d’une grande entreprise.”)

GCSE French - Systemes electroniques3) What issue does Carl talk about with reference to modern technology?

Carl says that although technology has contributed to the success of his company, he finds that one of the troubles is an over-dependency on electronic systems. If there is a problem with one of the systems, the outcome is very bad as people no longer know how to organise themselves without it.

(” L’un des problmes de la technologie, cependant, c’est que s’il y a un problme avec les systmes lectroniques, c’est catastrophique. C’est parce que les gens sont devenus tellement dpendants de la technologie, qu’ils ne savent plus comment s’organiser sans.“)

4) What is the French term for ‘e-mail’ that you can identify in the text?

“courrier lectronique”.

5) Which of the following does the article indicate is a particularly significant invention?

c. the Internet