Comprehension 1 Answer Sheet

Comprehension 1 Answer Sheet

1) Indicate if the following statements are true or false by circling TRUE or FALSE.

GCSE French - FloridaThomas would rather go skiing than go to Florida.


Thomas indicates that he likes both ideas but can’t choose between the two

(“Thomas est en faveur des deux suggestions, mais ne sait pas comment choisir entre les deux“).

Frank is suggesting they all go on holiday during the Christmas holidays.


The French term for ‘Christmas holidays’ is ‘vacances de Nol’

(“Frank veut aller faire du ski pendant les vacances de Nol.”)

Jenny does not like cold weather.


The article indicates that Jenny is not keen on Frank’s idea of going skiing because she does not like the cold, or snow

(“Toutefois, Jenny n’est pas passionne par l’ide parce qu’elle n’aime pas le froid et la neige“).

2) What does Jenny want to do in Florida?

Jenny indicates that she wants to go to the beach and go swimming in Florida (“elle veut aller en Floride pendant les vacances d’t, o elle peut aller se baigner la plage“). She also says that she would like to go shopping in Miamiand go to bars in the evening (“Je veux aussi aller faire du shopping Miamiet aller dans les bars les soirs.”)

GCSE French - Chalet3) What does Frank suggest in terms of travel to/from and accommodation at the ski resort?

Frank has found a bus they can take to the nearest ski resort which takes just four hours. His suggestion is to rent a chalet in the nearby village for a week

(“Frank a trouv un bus qui peut les emmener la station de ski la plus proche, et le trajet ne prend que quatre heures. Quand ils arrivent, ils peuvent louer un chalet pour une semaine dans le village…“).

4) What is the French word for ‘snow’ that you can identify in the text?


5) Jenny suggests that if they decide to go toMiamithey could stay in a:

  1. hotel