Comprehension 1 Answer Sheet

Comprehension 1 Answer Sheet

1) Indicate if the following statements are true or false by circling TRUE or FALSE.

GCSE French - gaz sont le dioxyde de carbone et le methaneTwo of the greenhouse gases mentioned in this article are carbon dioxide and methane.


“Certains de ces gaz sont le dioxyde de carbone (CO2) et le mthane.”

Experts have failed to demonstrate a link between human activity and an increase in harmful gases, according to the article.


The article states that experts have demonstrated the link between human activity and increase in greenhouse gases. “Les experts ont dmontr que l’activit humaine augmente considrablement la production de gaz effet de serre qui peuvent endommager la couche d’ozone.”

Governments are fully committed to doing everything they can to save the planet, according to the article.


The article indicates that there is insufficient commitment at the international level to address climate change: “Cependant, pour le moment, il n’y a pas assez d’engagement international pour sauver la plante. ”

2) Which two materials does the article cite as examples of materials that can be recycled?

The article discusses glass and plastic as two common materials that can be recycled: “le verre et le plastique”.

GCSE French - les transports en commun3) What suggestion does the article make as a way to decrease personal car use?

The article suggests allocating more funds to public transport as a means to decrease personal car use : “Une solution possible qui diminuera l’utilisation de voitures personnelles serait de dpenser plus de fonds sur les transports en commun.”

4) What is the French term for ‘wind energy’ that you can identify in the text?

‘l’nergie olienne’.

5) Which type of pollution does the article not discuss?

b. airplane/air travel pollution