Comprehension 1 Answer Sheet

Comprehension 1 Answer Sheet

GCSE French - gateau de l'anniversaire 1. Indicate if the following statements are true or false by circling TRUE or FALSE.

Anna is celebrating her fifteenth birthday.


Anna is celebrating her fourteenth birthday (“elle a maintenant quatorze ans“).

Anna’s mother has baked her a strawberry-flavoured cake.


Anna’s mother has baked her a chocolate flavoured cake (“gteau au chocolat”).

Anna’s two best friends sleep over at her house.


Sa mre a prpar des lits pour que ses deux meilleures amies puissent dormir chez elle“.

2. What gifts do Anna’s friends give her?

A book, a board game, make-up, DVDs, music CDs, and a red scarf: “(…) un livre, un jeu de socit, du maquillage, des DVD, des CD de musique et une charpe rouge”.

GCSE French - une bicyclette toute neuve3. What is Anna’s biggest gift?

Anna’s biggest present is a brand new bicycle which is given to her by her parents: “Mais le cadeau le plus grand lui est offert par ses parents : une bicyclette toute neuve.”

4. What is the French term for ‘birthday’ that you can identify in the text?


5. Which of the following does Anna not receive for her birthday?

c. a dress


A Top Tip!

Print out the corresponding questions to these answers. Not only will it enable you to replicate exam conditions, it will also give you a break from the computer screen. This is important because by taking regular breaks you will boost your ability to focus.