Rocks, Resources and Scenery – Test it! & Remember it!

Rocks, Resources and Scenery – Test it! & Remember it!

Test it!

GCSE geography test it

1 How old is our planet?

2 Which are older: igneous, sedimentary or metamorphic rocks?

3 Provide an example of biological weathering.

4 What sort of rocks were used to construct the Houses of Parliament?


Remember it!

Geological time is on a different scale from human time.

Rocks belong to one of three groupsigneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks. Their formation is linked by the rock cycle.

Egypt’s pyramids were built using granite.

Some top tips!

1. Print out the Test It! Questions – it will allow you
to replicate exam conditions and also allows you to
give your eyes a rest from the computer screen whilst
doing your crucial revision.
2. Make a copy of the Remember It! Section and put in
a place that you often look at. i.e. front of a journal,
next to a mirror, on a kitchen cupboard door, etc.