The Coastal Zone – Remember it! & Test it!

The Coastal Zone – Remember it! & Test it!

Coastal zone test it

The coast is shaped by weathering, mass movement, erosion, transportation and deposition.

Distinctive landforms result from different processes.

Rising sea level will have important consequences for people living in the coastal zone.

Coastal areas provide a unique environment and habitat.

The coastal zone – Test it!

1 How long has Great Britain been an island?

2 What is ‘longshore drift’?

3 Describe the purpose of ‘groynes’?

4 What is a pebbled beach is often the result of?

Some top tips!

1. Print out the Test It! Questions – it will allow you
to replicate exam conditions and also allows you to
give your eyes a rest from the computer screen whilst
doing your crucial revision.
2. Make a copy of the Remember It! Section and put in
a place that you often look at. i.e. front of a journal,
next to a mirror, on a kitchen cupboard door, etc.