Sustainability and Challenges

Sustainability and Challenges

What can be done by campaign groups and the government to ensure that rural living is sustainable?

As more people move to cities it is vital that rural communities are helped to thrive. If the only people who own homes in the countryside live in the city, whole villages will die and many traditions will be lost. Agriculture will become an industry no one can do and more food will need to be imported.

In Britain there are many campaign groups fighting to protect the interests of rural communities. One of these, the Campaign for the Protection of Rural England (CPRE) campaigns to prevent green belt land being swallowed up by new homes and industry. The CPRE believes rural communities must be encouraged to be more sustainable and to use greener energy.

The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) recently announced a multi-million pound package aimed at helping people and businesses in rural areas. Five rural growth networks have been established to help businesses fulfil their potential; rural tourism will be promoted; food and drinks of rural origin will be promoted overseas; there will be investment in green energy; and regulations on farms will be reduced to help farmers thrive.

What are the challenges that face remote rural areas?

As some villages thrive and grow, others begin to fade. Young people move away; transport links close down; shops and pubs shut their doors. There are a number of reasons why some villages are in decline.