Tourism – Remember it! & Test it!

Tourism – Remember it! & Test it!

The global growth of tourism has seen the exploitation of a range of different environments for holiday makers.

Effective management strategies are the key to the continuing prosperity of tourist areas in the UK.

Mass tourism has advantages for an area but strategies need to be in place to reduce the likelihood of long-term damage.

Extreme environments are susceptible to environmental damage from the development of tourism.

Sustainability requires the development of ecotourism.


Tourism – Test it!

Why are fewer people from the US visiting London?

Why do some tourist resorts begin to decline?

What is ‘eco-tourism’?

Why are people asked not to climb Uluru?

Some top tips!

1. Print out the Test It! Questions – it will allow you
to replicate exam conditions and also allows you to
give your eyes a rest from the computer screen whilst
doing your crucial revision.
2. Make a copy of the Remember It! Section and put in
a place that you often look at. i.e. front of a journal,
next to a mirror, on a kitchen cupboard door, etc.