Middle East – Remember it, Test it!

Middle East – Remember it, Test it!

Background to problems in the Middle East

Middle East Test

* Zionism and the idea of the Jewish homeland.

* World War One on promises made to Jews and Palestinians

* British mandate in Palestine

* After World War 2

* UN proposal to partition Palestine

* 1948 Arab-Israeli War

The Suez Crisis

Suez Canal Crisis - History GCSE Revision* Causes of the crisis

* Israeli entry into Egypt

* Consequences of the War

* Relation to the Cold War

* Foundation of the PLO

Six Day War

six day war - History GCSE Revision* Cause of the War

* UN stance on the War

* Outcome of the War and consequences

* Relation to the Cold War

Terrorist Attacks in the 1970s

Munich Olympics - History GCSE Revision* Dawson’s Field Hijackings

* The Munich Olympics Massacre

Yom Kippur War, 1973

Yom Kippur War - History GCSE Revision* Causes of the War

* Differences with previous wars

* Oil embargo

Signs of Peace and Continued Conflicts

Ahmad Shukeiri - History GCSE Revision* Consequences of the oil embargo

* Changes in the PLO

* Yasser Arafat and the PLO at the UN

* Israeli occupations and settlements

* United Nations Resolution 242

* Israel and Lebanon

* Anwar Sadat

* Camp David

* Israel-Egypt Peace Treaty

Test it!

How was Israel able to win the Six Days War?

Did terrorism help the Palestinian cause?

What role did the USSR play in the Arab-Israeli conflict?

Describe the events that caused the Suez Crisis

How close was the Arab-Israeli conflict to being solved during the second half of the Seventies?

Did the Camp David Accords and the Israel-Egypt Peace Treaty create peace in the Middle East?

Do the years between the Suez Crisis and the Six Day War show that a solution to the Arab-Israeli conflict was impossible?

Why did the Yom Kippur War go better for the Arabs than the previous two wars with Israel?

Were the acts of Arab terrorism in the 1970s a successful strategy?

What role did the oil embargo play in the international diplomacy of the Arab-Israeli conflict?