The Roaring Twenties: Remember it!

The Roaring Twenties: Remember it!

These are are the key points about the Roaring Twenties that you should make sure the remember before your exam!

Problems after World War One

GCSE History Revision - Depression* Red scare.

* Industrial Strikes.

* Unemployed ex-soldiers.

* Economic depression.


The politics, economics and culture of the Roaring Twenties

* Isolationism

* Economic Protectionism

* Economic boom

* New technological advances

* Consumer goods and consumer credit

* Shares

* The entertainment industry


Divisions in the 1920s

GCSE History Revision - wine_prohibition* Poverty

* Discrimination

* Struggling economic sectors

* Prohibition, crime and corruption

* Young people


Causes of the Wall Street Crash

* Over-production

* Speculation

* Tariffs

* Unequal distribution of wealth

* Easy credit