GCSE History : Stalin's USSR

Stalinís USSR 1924-1941: Remember it, Test it!

Stalinís USSR 1924-1941: Remember it, Test it!


Stalin’s Unlikely Rise to Power

GCSE History - Stalin Propaganda* Lenin’s funeral.

* Trotsky.

* Stalin as General Secretary of the Communist Party.

* Lenin’s will.

* Playing the Left off against the Right.

Socialism in One Country

Stalin’s creation of a Totalitarian state

* The Purges.

* The Great Terror.

* The Cult of Personality.

* The 1936 Constitution.

Key Economic Policies

GCSE History Revision - Five Year Plans

* Collectivisation.

* Five-Year Plans.

* Economic growth from these.

* Negative consequences.




How was Stalin able to prevent Trotsky from replacing Lenin as leader of the Communist Party?

How was Stalin able to gain total power over the Soviet Union?

What methods did Stalin use to tighten his grip on power?

How successful were Stalin’s economic reforms in making the Soviet Union a strong, industrialized nation?

Explain the steps taken by Stalin against opponents of collectivisation.

Explain the change in Stalin’s stance on NEP.

Why did Stalin initiate the Great Terror?

What were the goals of the Five Year Plans?

What were the goals of collectivization?

Did Stalin have total control of the Soviet Union by the 1930s?

End of section – Hopefully this will have helped with your History GCSE Revision.

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History GCSE Revision: Stalin’s USSR 1924-1941