Terms of the Treaty of Versailles

Terms of the Treaty of Versailles

You’ll have noticed that there are no aims here for Germany. This is because it had no say in the terms of the treaty of Versailles – it was a diktat that they had to accept. It couldn’t have protested against the terms because it was in ruins at the time.


Main terms of the treaty of Versailles:

Terms of the Treaty of Versailles* Germany was required to pay 270 billion Gold Marks of reparations (equivalent to 100,000 tons of gold!).

*Germany lost all of its colonies.

* German armed forces limited to 6 battleships and 100,000 men (remember it was 8.5 million before the war!); the country was also banned from having an air force.

* Demilitarisation of the Rhineland – this created a piece of territory between France and Germany.

* Austria banned from uniting with Germany to prevent a strong German power.

*War guilt clause – Germany was formally made responsible for the war and all the damage it caused.

*Alsace-Lorraine was given to France; the French were also allowed to control the neighbouring Saar region for the next 15 years, which gave its coalfields to France and took them away from Germany.

*The Polish Corridor was created, which gave a large piece of German territory to Poland, splitting Germany in two in the process.