After the Wall Street Crash – Remember it, Test it!

After the Wall Street Crash – Remember it, Test it!

Effects of the Wall Street Crash and the Depression

GCSE History Revision - Impacts of Wall Street Crash* Loss of savings

* Collapse in savings

* Farmers

* Banking crisis

* Unemployment

* Poverty

* Hoover’s response


Roosevelt as President: the New Deal

* Emergency Banking Relief Act

* The Glass-Steagall Act

* Fireside Chats

* Home Owners’ Loan Corporation

* Public Works Administration

* Tennessee Valley Authority

* Works Progress Administration

* Federal Emergency Relief Administration.

* Social Security Act

* National Labour Relations Act

* Commodity Credit Corporation

* Agricultural Adjustment Acts

* The National Recovery Administration and the National Industrial Recovery Act

* Tax increases


Successes and failures of the New Deal

GCSE History Revision - Roosevelt New Deal Support* Arguments of New Deal opponents

* Arguments of New Deal supporters

* Unconstitutional reforms

* Effect on banking system

* Unemployment rate

* Roosevelt’s re-election

* Roosevelt recession

* World War Two



Describe the main effects of the Depression What were the fireside chats?

Describe what Roosevelt did during his first hundred days in charge Which groups in the United States were hit hardest by the Depression?

What measures did Herbert Hoover take in response to the Depression?

Why did the financial crisis of 1929 turn into a Depression?

What reforms did Roosevelt pass to help farmers?

What reforms did Roosevelt make to the banking sector?

Which groups in the US opposed the New Deal, and why?

What were the main successes and failures of the New Deal?