From German Empire to Weimar Republic – Test it!

From German Empire to Weimar Republic – Test it!


Test it History GCSE RevisionWas the Weimar Republic doomed from Day One?

Explain the problems with the Constitution and voting system of the Republic.

What role did the Freikorps play in keeping the Weimar Republic alive?

Why did so many German people dislike Weimar from the beginning?

How did the German government respond to the occupation of the Ruhr?

Explain Gustav Streseman’s goals when he became Chancellor.

How did Weimar Germany avoid total collapse in 1923?

Describe the events of the Munich Putsch?

Why did Weimar Germany go through a period of prosperity in the second half of the 1920s?

What were the Nazis’ main goals in the 1920s?

Explain the significance of the Dawes Plan.