Common Features of Software

Common Features of Software

Despite the fact that software is designed for different functions, they often share many of the same features in terms of organising files, editing work and managing presentation.

Text Formatting includes:

GCSE ICT - Text Formatting 4

Italics – so that the text leans to the right

Emboldening – making the text heavier


Changing the font style and size

Changing the text colour

Bulleted or numbered lists

Insert Images:

ICT - Text Formatting 3

From clipart, stored images, autoshapes or the Internet.

Find and Replace:

GCSE ICT - Find and Replace(Ctrl + F) which enables you to locate specific words and replace them if needed.

Cut, copy, paste:

GCSE ICT - Cut, copy and pasteExceptionally helpful tools which enable you to highlight text and then copy it (ctrl + C) so than it can then be deleted (ctrl + delete) and/or pasted elsewhere (ctrl + P).

Undo and Redo:

GCSE ICT - Text Formatting 2Usually by clicking on the green arrows in the top left hand corner of the screen. These enable you to undo or redo your last series of actions.

Print and preview:

GCSE ICT - Text Formatting 2

Previewenables you to see what the printed page will look like. Before you print (Ctrl + P) you are able to review the printing properties before you click OK.