Entertainment Systems and Emerging Technologies

Entertainment Systems and Emerging Technologies

Satellite Dish* Terrestrial television is the oldest form of television broadcasting and involves the transmission of radio waves which are received by an aerial or antenna.

* Digital television broadcasts audio and visual signals in digital form. They enable a better quality picture and cost channels less to operate.

* Cable television provides television to consumers via radio frequency signals, not unlike traditional terrestrial television.

* Satellite television is made via communications satellite and requires the consumer to have a satellite dish, a set-top box or a tuner built into the television set.

Many of us listen to music or watch films we download from the Internet. These are stored as files on our computer which we are able to access whenever we choose. The alternative is streaming, where the file is delivered directly to a media player without being downloaded. This is what happens when we watch a clip on YouTube, for example, or BBC iPlayer. This prevents material from being illegally downloaded and encourages us to return to the same website again and again.


Emerging technologies

Mobile and communications technology has transformed the way we live and work.

GCSE ICT - Mobile phone and internet

  • A hand held device enables us to surf the Internet, email and even shop wherever we happen to be.
  • We now have greater flexibility than ever in terms of where and when we work. This might also be a disadvantage. Many people now have more stressful working lives because work seems to follow them into their leisure time.
  • Video conferencing can take place at a corporate level between people from across the globe. This cuts travelling time and expense and speeds up the decision making process.