Mobile Technology

Mobile Technology

Mobile technology is small portable technology which can be used anywhere. The most popular forms of mobile technology include:

GCSE ICT - Portable DevicesLaptops/netbooks – which have most of the advantages of a personal computer and uses the same software as a PC. They can operate on a battery but will usually need recharging every few hours.

– Smart mobile phones – these combine many features including a touch screen function, the ability to download a vast range of applications, a digital camera, a video camera, GPS navigation units and wireless access to the Internet. The screen is usually larger than those found on a standard mobile.

Palmtops/personal digital assistants (PDA) can fit on the palm of your hand and have a traditional keyboard. Most do not have a disk drive. They can provide wireless access to the Internet.

– E-book readers – are devices which offer an alternative to the traditional book form and enable you to store thousands of books on one device. These offer limited access to the Internet.