Presentation Software & Graphics Manipulation Software

Presentation Software & Graphics Manipulation Software

GCSE ICT - PowerpointThis can be used to produce presentations in a whole range of situations. Presentations are required in classrooms, at corporate level, in universities, for business pitches or to accompany safety demonstrations in the work place. Presentation packages and presentation software enable you to design a series of slides, onto which text, graphics, animations, photographs and diagrams can be placed. Music can also be used to accompany the presentation. Hyperlinks (Internet links) can also be used. Presentations can be a multimedia affair.

The main features of a presentation package, of which Microsoft PowerPoint is a good example, enable you to

– Insert a new slide

– Rearrange the order of the slides

– Enter and edit slide content

– Add sound effects

– Apply a colour scheme or style to the entire presentation or to individual slides

– Print each slide as part of a handout

– Create an automatic slide presentation with appropriate pauses between slides

– Manually control the transition between slides


Graphics manipulation software

This kind of software enables you to draw or ‘paint’ images using a mouse or touchpad. Microsoft Paint is a popular example. You can also use it to alter the look, size and shape of an image or photograph you have imported from another programme. These programs enable you to:

GCSE ICT - Paint– Erase lines or shapes

– Insert auto shapes

– Fill enclosed shapes with colour

– Insert WordArt

– Choose to draw with a ‘pen’, ‘brush’ or ‘airbrush’.

– Alter the colour of the ‘ink’

– Rotate the image