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Remember it & Test It!

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GCSE ICT -  Remember it

Differences between a WP and a DTP

WP – deals with words, text based, good for letters/memos/reports/essays, smaller file size

DTP – deals with graphics, What You See Is What You Get, frame based, good for magazines/business cards/catalogues/leaflets, larger file size

Stages of the Systems life cycle

Analysis, design, implementation, evaluation


Main features of a database: Primary key, data validation, search filters, produces reports,

2 kinds of database: flat file and relational database

Benefits of relational database: reduces data redundancy, minimises data entry time, smaller file size

Types of Operating System

Multi-tasking, real time, multi-user

Main features of a GUI

Icons, pointer, the closing and opening of windows, toolbar, scrollbar, user customisation, resolution, contrast, set date and time

Data types

Numerical/number formats – integer, currency, percentages, fractions



Limited choice – drop down list, tick lists

Boolean – yes/no male/female

Features of presentation software

Insert slide, sound effects, animation, print handouts, colour schemes, hyperlinks, inserting of images, slide timing

Features of we design software

User friendly instead of HTML, hyperlinks, navigation bars, forms, marquee, counters

Features of email software

Inbox, spam filter, add and open attachments, cc, email folders, draft facility, mailing lists

Social networking software

Advantages – Multipurpose, keeping in touch, sharing files, free, spread of information

Disadvantages – addictive, advertising, reduces face-to-face contact, invasion of privacy, confidential information can be leaked

Open source software

Advantages – free, easy to use, can be adapted, can be used to open Microsoft documents

Disadvantages – not as advanced as Microsoft, not as much online support, not industry standard

Proprietary software

Advantages – industry standard, online support, regular upgrades

Disadvantages – expensive, can’t be shared, more difficult to use


Test It!

GCSE ICT - SearchWhat is automatic data logging and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

What is a weblog?

What are the common features of a web browser?

What are some of the common features of a presentation software package?

What are the main differences between a word processor and a desktop publisher?

Identify five different data types.

What is the difference between proprietary and open source software? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each?

What are the functions of an Operating System?

What is a GUI?

Identify the four stages of the systems life cycle. What is involved in each of these four stages?

What are the limitations of the spell check function?

What kind of tasks can be carried out using a graphics package?

What is a relational database and what are its advantages?

What is a control feedback loop? How does it work?