The Internet and its Impact on Society

The Internet and its Impact on Society

Communications technology and the internet have dramatically altered the way we live our lives. Here are just a few examples of how. Take three minutes to see how many more you can add to this list.

GCSE ICT - Global connections* The disabled and those who are confined to the house for long hours have found more independence. They can shop, study and even work online.

* Family members scattered across the globe can hear and see each other – often and cheaply.

* 24 hour news networks bring us the news as it happens. The public can respond almost instantly to natural disaster with cash donations.

* People are increasingly using the Internet to inform the important decisions they make in life. It helps people find jobs, life saving health information or legal advice.

* Creative people can bring their product or talent to the attention of the public at little or no cost. Artists and the public no longer need to rely entirely on publishers, record labels or film companies to deliver them talent.

* Increased electronic communications can reduce real face-to-face communication. This may have a harmful effect on human relations.

Entertainment technology has also transformed the way many of us spend our leisure hours.

GCSE ICT - Video Game Player* Young people and particularly teenagers spend many hours of each week playing computer games or surfing the net. Young people now spend less time outside or playing with each other.

* Many of us spend more time in front of the television or PC screen than ever. This has contributed towards the obesity crises and other health issues.

* The Internet can expose young impressionable people to violent and sexual material. This may have a harmful effect on the development of a child.

* We now have a much greater choice of how we spend our leisure hours.

* Illegal downloading of video and music files has become a major global issue.