Remember it! Test it!

Remember it! Test it!

GCSE ICT - Data Protection

8 principles of the DPA

1.) Ethical data collection

2.) Data only used for stated purpose

3.) Data can’t be sold (unless agreed)

4.) No unnecessary data to be collected

5.) Up-to-date data

6.) Data use-by-date

7.) Data to be kept secure

8.) Can’t be shared outside EEU

Rights of data subject

1.) Request data is updated

2.) Not to be distressed

3.) To see it if they want

Exemptions to the DPA

Total exemption – National security issues, friends and relatives for domestic purposes

Partial exemption – journalists or data controller for research, taxman and the police, schools, employer references

Computer Misuse Act

1.) Illegal access

2.) Illegal access to change material

3.) Illegal access to commit or aid crime

Copyright law is broken if you:

1.) Copy or download bootleg copy

2.) Sell it

3.) Rent it out without permission

Health and Safety issues of ICT

1.) RSI 2.) Tripping over wires 3.) Poor eyesight

4.) Bad back 5.) Breathing problems (laser printer) 6.) Fire hazards

Can be resolved with:

1.) Regular breaks 2.) Cable trunking 3.) Screen filter

4.) Correct posture 5.) Keep laser printer 1 metre from people 6.) Fire extinguishers

Changing patterns of commerce and industry

1.) Online premises 2.) Global 24/7 sales outlet

3.) Automated production lines 4.) Less face-to-face sales

5.) Online printing forms 6.) Call centre explosion

Changing employment patterns

1.) Working from home 2.) Flexible working time

3.) Less monitoring by employer 4.) Work overlapping with leisure time

5.) Fewer blue collar workers 6.) Digital divide (less employment for computer illiterate)


Test It!

GCSE ICT - Test it

What are the 8 principles of the 1998 Data Protection Act?

What are the legal rights of the data subject?

Who is exempt from the DPA?

What is a hacker and what law would he/she be breaking?

What is plagiarism and what are its potential consequences?

Describe three actions which would break the Copyright law.

Identify five ICT related Health and Safety issues. How might each of these issues be avoided?

How has surveillance technology been linked to a ‘Big Brother Society’?

Describe three ways in which the introduction of ICT has changed the way businesses work.

What is flaming?

What impact has ICT had on disabled people?

Describe three ways in which ICT has altered working patterns in the UK.