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PE GCSE Example Paper 1

PE GCSE Example Paper 1

This section includes an example of an exam paper that you might face in the exam room so as to help you as you revise/study GCSE PE.

Multiple Choice Questions

  1. Platelets are important for blood clotting and are produced in the:
    1. bone marrow
    2. liver
    3. blood
  2. Carbohydrates in the diet are important for:
    1. muscle repair
    2. quick bursts of energy
    3. slow release energy
  3. Which of the following is not a key aim of the Physical Education and Sport Strategy for Young People (PESSYP)?
    1. 3 hours curriculum time for PE
    2. 3 hours extra-curricular time
    3. 5 hour offer more likely to be outside of school
  4. A balanced diet is very important for a healthy body.
      1. Explain what is meant by dehydration.
      2. How can an athlete become dehydrated?
    1. Dehydration is one problem an athlete can have if their diet isn’t balanced. Describe another problem of not having a balanced diet and the possible causes of this problem.
  5. Rules are important in ensuring that players are kept safe.
    1. How do rules keep the participates of a sport safe?
    2. Give an example of what can happen if safety rules are not enforced.
  6. Many sporting events are televised. Describe ways in which a director of a sports programme could influence how the sport is seen by its viewers. —————————————————–
  7. Sarah is very keen on sport. She enjoys playing at her school and is sports captain of the hockey team. In this role she helps to organise competitions and other activities. She is due to take her GCSEs in a couple of months and is interested in going on to study sports technology.As well as hockey she has participated in school competitions in swimming and tennis. Out of school she enjoys jogging which helps her with her other sporting activities. Also outside of school she is part of the local football team which is coached by her father and which many of her friends are also part of. However, it’s fairly new and struggling to keep going.
    1. Sarah takes part in a lot of exercise and could experience fatigue due to this. Explain what is meant by fatigue and what effect it could have on her performance in the activities she takes part in.
    2. The local football team is keen to attract sponsorship.
      1. Name an acceptable type of sponsorship that the team could use.
      2. Why would a tobacco company not be seen as acceptable?
    3. What kind of training method could Sarah use including the principle of overload in her training.


  1. bone marrow
  2. quick bursts of energy
  3. 3 hours curriculum time for PE
      1. Correct answers include:
        The water content of the body being abnormally low.
        Very rapid loss of water from the body.
      2. Correct answer: Drink a sufficient amount of water.Marks for this question will be awarded for identifying a problem, describing it, and identifying how it could be caused.Examples include:
        Obesity is where someone is very overweight. It can be caused by overeating and not exercising enough.Rickets is where the bones don’t form properly and harden. It’s caused by too little vitamin DCoronary heart disease is where the arteries are blocked. It’s caused by too much saturated fat.
    1. Make sure to relate the rules to safety issues.
      Examples include:They can ensure that dangerous techniques aren’t used. Without them they’d be no defined boundaries of what is and isn’t acceptable.If someone doesn’t abide by the rules, for example they’re not appropriately dressed, then this could stop them from even taking part to prevent injury.
    2. Examples include:If an illegal technique is used, like a spear tackle during a rugby match, then an opponent could be seriously injured.Not wearing shin pads for football could result in serious injury like a broken bone.
  4. Check how many marks are awarded so that you can tell how many points you should include in your answer. Correct answers include:The influence could be a very positive one as the action is shown from an unbiased angle. The director could also ensure that the commentators are fair in how they comment on the action. They could decide that disruptive behaviour, like streaking, is not be shown in order not to encourage others to do it.They could have a positive influence by using action replays and different camera angels so that the viewers have a fuller feel of the action.They could have a negative influence and make sure that only parts of the action are shown. They could even edit the programme in such a way that a false impression is broadcast of what actually took place. They could choose to focus on bad behaviour in order to sensationalise the sport and give it a bad reputation.
    1. Fatigue is extreme mental or physical tiredness due to the build up of lactic acid after exercising for a long period of time. This leads to:a temporary loss of energy so that the person cannot carry on. This affects their performance negatively.a drop in concentration levels which will have a negative effect on their performance and may lead to injury.a drop in their skill levels which will lead to mistakes being made and possibly them needing to be substituted.
      1. Answers include:specialised training equipments, like bibs or conesclothing, like footwear or tracksuitstransport to get the team to a matchfinancial support so the team could buy what they requirespecialist coaches to running training sessions
      2. Answers include:the players are under-age to smokeit’s harmful to healthencourages smokinggives the club a bad image
      3. Remember that you need to write down as many points as marks and keep the principle of overloading in mind. Examples include:weight training to improve muscular strengthcontinuous training exercises, like cycling and running, to keep the heart rate up for a long period of timeincrease the frequency of training sessionsincrease the duration of training sessionsincrease the intensity of the training, for example lift heavier weights or increase the distance coveredmix interval training periods with periods of rest

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