Attitudes to sport are always changing and developing. For example women are now more accepted into roles that they couldn’t have applied for before like managers, officials, club directors and referees.

The popularity of different sports increases or decreases with time: extreme sports, for instance, are much more popular, while squash isn’t so much anymore. Media can have a big impact on this as can safety issues.

Within sport, there are a number of governing bodies and organisation which are responsible for sport and keep track of the trends.

Organisation Aims
Sport EnglandNational Coaching Foundation (NCF)

Sports Leaders

Sports Aid Foundation (SAF)

British Olympic Association (BOA)

Physical Education School Sport and Club Links (PESSCL)

PE and Sport Strategy for Young People (PESSYP)

Create ways to improve performance standards and facilitiesImproves the UK’s profile on an international levelProvide support for athletesHelp to develop sports from the bottom or grass root levelAllocates National Lottery moneyEnsures ethical standards and controls the UK anti-doping programmeControl ‘Centres of Excellence’Works to improve coaching standardsDeals with the education, development and registration of coachesProvides accreditation to sports leadersImproves development and participation

Assists athletes with financial aid for training and competing

Collects money from the National Lottery, grants, sponsorships and donations

In charge of the British Olympic team

Raises money for the athletes

Helps prepare athletes by working with the governing bodies

Promotes Britain

Specialist Sports colleges

Offers a number of programmes including Step into Sport and TOP LINK

Has links to schools and clubs and provides swimming lessons and coaching

Delivers the ‘five hour offer’ which aims to increase the sports participation of children and young people

Provides a range of activities

Part of Young Ambassadors, The National Sport Week and National Talent Orientation Camp

There are also two other types of organisation which have an influence on sport:

      • Governing bodies: they help by organising sports, helping with facilities, providing coaching support and encouraging the public to get active.
      • Local authorities: they work within particular areas and manage sports centres, encourage development and participation within sport, and work with other organisations to organise coaching and competing facilities