If someone becomes unconscious then you need to call for medical help then follow the DRABC checklist:

      • Danger: check for danger, for you and the casualty. Make sure that any playing is stopped and clear the area.
      • Response: try and get a response from the casualty by talking to them and then shaking them gently. If you get none then an ambulance must be called and you need to continue with ABC.
      • Airways: check the airway isn’t blocked but tilting back the head. Check for obstructions, for example the tongue or vomit, and remove it from the airway. Also, loosen any clothing around the neck.
      • Breathing: check to see if they’re breathing by putting your cheek next to their mouth.
      • Circulation: check to see if they have a pulse, either at their neck or their wrist.

If they’re breathing then you can put them in the recovery position:

      • Roll the casualty onto their side towards you.
      • Tilt back their head to make sure their airway isn’t blocked.
      • Bend the leg on top at a 90