The Environment, Medicine & Poverty

The Environment, Medicine & Poverty

Islam teaches that Allah created the world so Muslims have a responsibility not to damage it and to preserve it in any way they can. Muslims regard themselves as trustees for Allah when it comes to the well-being of the planet.

religious studysMany individual Muslims respond to their duty to conserve Earth and its resources by recycling, through conservation projects and by campaigns.

Islam teaches that humans are superior to animals, but that they have a responsibility to protect their welfare as they are part of Allah’s creation.


Controversial Medical Procedures

Fertility Treatments

Religious studiesMost Muslims accept that fertility treatment such as in vitro fertilisation (IVF) is permissible for those that cannot otherwise have children. Surrogacy is not accepted by most Muslims and in all types of fertility treatment the sperm should come from the husband and the egg from the wife.

Gene Therapy and Genetic Engineering

Unlike for example the Catholic Church, Islam has no one central authority to rule on new medical technologies. Some Islamic countries such as Iran and Egypt have carried out stem cell research. Some conservative Muslims oppose this as interfering with creation, which is reserved for Allah.


Wealth and Poverty

religious studysWhy are some countries poorer than others and what are the characteristics of poor countries? What is the difference between emergency and long-term aid? There are Muslim organisations and agencies that work to relieve poverty. One such organisation is Muslim Aid. It is a British Muslim relief and development agency, which works to alleviate poverty and its causes. Muslim Aid works according to Islamic principles and believes in helping individuals and communities achieve economic and social justice. The organisation works in over 70 countries around the world including Bosnia, Pakistan and Somalia.

As we have seen, Sadaqah is the obligation that Muslims have to give alms to the poor. Muslims are enjoined to give a set amount of their income to the help poor people.