Jesus’ Ministry, Suffering, Death & Resurrection

Jesus’ Ministry, Suffering, Death & Resurrection

religious studiesChapter 1, 9-13 – Jesus is baptised by John and spends 40 days in the wilderness, tempted by Satan.

Chapter 8, 27-33 – Jesus travels to the village of Caesarea Philippi and tells his disciples that he is the Son of God. Peter doubts him and Jesus admonishes him.

Chapter 9, 2-8 – Jesus takes his disciples Peter, James and John up a high mountain. There they see the prophets from bygone days, Moses and Elijah, and they hear the voice of God. God tells them that Jesus is his son. This is known as the Transfiguration.


Jesus’ Suffering, Death and Resurrection

To understand how Jesus suffered, died and was resurrected read the following passages:

religious studiesChapter 11, 1-11 – These verses describe Jesus’ journey to Jerusalem with the disciples and his triumphant entry into the town where the people greet him as a prophet.

Chapter 14, 1-11 – Set two days before the Jewish feast of Passover, these verses describe how the High Priest and the scribes plot to seize Jesus so they can kill him. Jesus is at the house of Simon the Leper when a woman anoints his head with oil. Some present say that this is wasteful, but Jesus contradicts them, saying that she has anointed him in readiness for his death. Judas Iscariot, one of the 12 disciples, offers to betray Jesus to the chief priests for money.

Chapter 14, 12-25 – Jesus and his disciples prepare to celebrate the Passover, a meal we now call the Last Supper. At the supper, Jesus breaks bread and takes a cup of wine, blessing both. He invites the disciples to share the bread and wine, telling the disciples that the bread and wine are his flesh and blood. Jesus tells the disciples that he will not drink wine again until he is in the Kingdom of God. This narrative forms the basis for one of the most important Christian ceremonies, the taking of communion, also known as Mass and the Eucharist.

Chapter 14, 32-52 – Jesus takes Peter, James and John to Gethsemane and prays there. He finds the disciples are sleeping and admonishes Peter, saying ‘the spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak.’ He tells the disciples that he has been betrayed. The high priests’ men arrive with Judas and arrest Jesus. The disciples flee.