Hitlerís Rise To Power – Test it!

Hitlerís Rise To Power – Test it!

Test it!


Nazi State - History GCSE RevisionWhy was Hitler offered the position of Chancellor?

How did the Nazis take advantage of the Reichstag Fire?

Why did some German people support Hitler before he became Chancellor?

Explain the reasons behind the Night of the Long Knives

Describe the main measures taken by Hitler between 1933 and 1934 to establish a Dictatorship

Explain the role played by propaganda in Nazi Germany.

Hitler - History GCSE RevisionCan the Nazis economic policies be considered a success or a failure?

Did ordinary people benefit from Nazi rule?

Describe the main steps taken to persecute the Jews in Nazi Germany before World War 2.

Print out the Test It! Questions – it will allow you to replicate exam conditions and also allows you to give your eyes a rest from the computer screen while doing your crucial revision.